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Zivame’s Girls Swimwear Collection!

Everybody loves a nice dip in a swimming pool on warm and sultry days. Enjoy a great day out with your little ones as you swim through the cool waters. But, first, you need to pick up swimwear that is not just stylish but also comfortable.

Zivame brings you a wide range of girl's swimsuit options available out there, but how do you know which one is best? To top it all, young girls can be fussy when it comes to picking their outfits, even if it is a swimsuit.

Here is a complete guide to help you get your money's worth when you buy a kids' swimming costume.

Different Cuts and Styles

Although it may seem like there is a lot to choose from, kids' swimsuits at Zivame can be categorised into two basic styles. Once you have narrowed down on this, you have a multitude of colours, patterns and cuts to choose from, based on your little one's personality.

Cute Swim Dresses: Every little girl must have a swim dress in her closet. A girl's swim dress is a simple one-piece swimsuit that is perfect for a warm summer's day. The Zivame Kids' Maillot Swimsuit is a perfect example. Available in patterns like stripes and florals, this girls' swimsuit option is trendy and stylish. The best part is that it comes with adjustable straps for comfortable movement and a great fit.

Full Coverage One Piece: If you prefer a more conservative option or want to keep your child's skin away from rashes, this is a great girls' swimsuit option. Almost like a scuba diving suit, these fit snugly and provide full coverage. These are weatherproof and super comfy. Made with nylon elastane, this kids’ swimming costume fits well and breathes well too. The front zipper makes it a breeze to wear and take off, too.

What to Look for

Here are some simple tips for picking a great girls' swim dress for your little one:

  1. Ensure that the quality of the fabric is good. It should be soft and durable.
  2. Movement is important. Choosing a kids' swimming costume that is made with stretchable fabric or something that is blended with elastane is the best idea.
  3. It should be easy to wear and remove. Avoid kids swimsuits with a very complex neckline, laces or tie-up designs. The last thing you want is your child getting cranky as you try to yank the cold and wet swimsuit off.
  4. It should fit the body snugly. A loosely fitted swimsuit or one that is too tight makes movement very uncomfortable.


  1. Which fabric is best for swimwear?

    Although there are many fabric choices like lycra, it is advisable to choose the latest option, which is nylon elastane. It not only stretches better but also keeps the body dry. This fabric is best known for its quick-dry feature, ideal for a kids' swim dress.

  2. What is the best swim dress for girls?

    The best swimwear for girls is one that is comfortable and versatile. The child should be able to move easily. More importantly, it should be usable for a swimming class or even a fun family vacation on the beach.

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