Maternity Panties

The joy of motherhood is one of the best feelings in the world. However, this experience is also overwhelming as it comes with many inconveniences. With the ongoing changes in the body, the expecting mother can feel a lot of discomforts even while wearing her regular dress. While comfort remains the key to dressing during pregnancy, not many new mothers-to-be pay attention to switching to comfortable undergarments. Yes, that's right! As your belly grows, wearing your old and regular panties becomes challenging. It makes sense to invest in a couple of comfortable maternity panties during these months. Commonly known as pregnancy panties, these women's maternity panties provide maximum support, softness, and the much-needed compression to your back and buttocks. Zivame has the best range of maternity panties online in India. Designed with the best materials and soft elastic, these maternity panties do not cause skin irritation or rashes. Crafted with the finest fabrics, Zivame's pregnancy panties are durable, antibacterial, highly sweat-absorbent, and offer the best cotton panties for women. Available in all sizes, Zivame's women's maternity panties are also classified by waist type. The high-rise maternity panties ensure maximum belly coverage, while the low cut or low-risers sit perfectly below your bump. Zivame's maternity panties are comfortable and breathable. They range from stylish dark shades and attractive prints to chic patterns in lighter colours. There are also ones with overlapping fabric, which let you feel oh-so-sexy even in your strenuous pregnancy journey. Click here to grab the best maternity underwear online at the best price! less

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Buy Maternity Panties Online

Comfortable Motherhood Is Not a Myth Anymore

Motherhood, as beautiful a feeling it is, it comes with its own set of inconveniences. Especially to a new mother, the feeling and the experience could be overwhelming, and it gets uncomfortable by the day. There are the days when a new mother does not even have the freedom to sleep in the position of her choice! A large part of motherhood includes stepping out of one’s own comfort zone. A new mother starts feeling uncomfortable and conscious of the new shape her body starts transforming into. Not being able to fit into the same set of dresses and underwear could be even frustrating at times. And for all these reasons of discomfort, Zivame has curated a collection of maternity underwear. This collection could be seen as an upgraded version of comfortable hipsters, with more coverage and softer material.

The material used to produce this maternity underwear is either nylon spandex or bamboo cotton, both of which give you a seamless experience throughout your maternity days. During your maternity, the last thing you want to do is avoid uncomfortable wedgies and uncomfortably tight underwear. It is not a secret that you would overgrow your regular size, and would need more space for the life growing inside you. This maternity underwear from Zivame is capable of stretching out according to your healthily growing belly size. The material is extremely soft and seamless. The fashion-conscious have dozens of color options to choose from. They have full rear coverage and the ability to keep your belly intact in place. If you feel like wearing a skater or a maxi dress or even a bodycon, your baby bump should not be holding you back. Underwear from this collection could also be used as a comfortable shapewear owing to their seamlessness and the coverage they give. There is an elastic coverage on the backside, which means minimal pressure on the abdominal area and on the baby bump, which further means an enhanced comfort level. The underwear in this collection is not at all constructive in nature, and there is no pressure on the belly which completely eliminates the pain which is unavoidable in case of regular underwear.

This collection of maternity underwear has been curated by Zivame to cater to the special needs that a woman’s body develops along with the baby bump. The underwear in this section is high rise and completely covers the belly, that too, seamlessly. On some days, you could absolutely drop the idea of wearing pants and can freely roam around in an oversized t-shirt or a t-shirt dress! During maternity days, it is extremely crucial to put comfort over style, but with this collection you would not have to compromise with either of the two. This underwear wrap around your belly and hip region really well with no additional discomfort. The material is extremely light-weight and would not bother you in any uncomfortable way. In addition to the fact that these underwear are stretchable, they are available in all the basic sizes ranging from S to XL.

What to look for when buying maternity panties?

Zivame understands that moms-to-be need extra love, care, and attention, and our pregnancy panties are crafted likewise. While shopping for maternity underwear online, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

Right size

As selecting the correct size remains a challenge while shopping for maternity panties online in India, you can use some calculation techniques. Consider the weight you have put on to date and calculate your potential weight gain in the coming weeks. This will help you analyse the size. You can also opt for a larger size for the comfort quotient.

Waist rise

A few different waist rise styles of maternity panties to choose from are:

  • Above-the-waist: These maternity panties are high-waisted and cover your bump entirely. They’re more supportive and comfortable than the lower-cut designs.
  • Below-the-waist: These low-cut pregnancy panties rest below your belly. This is an excellent choice during the summer months.
  • Mid-waist: The mid-waist maternity panties sit right in the middle of your belly. Anyone opting for a mid-waist pattern must carefully analyse the stretchiness of the waistband as it’ll run along your belly.


Pregnant women need comfortable maternity panties that can provide a tucked-in feeling along with proper support and coverage. You can opt for high waist pregnancy panties; they are ideal for every weather condition and make excellent everyday wear.


Like period panties, pregnancy panties are also made with materials that feel smooth and soft against your skin. However, cotton and other breathable fabrics remain the standard choice for maternity panties. Cotton doesn't allow heat build-up, and it wicks away moisture quickly, keeping you cool all the time.


Durability, too, is an important aspect to consider while buying maternity panties. To ensure a durable pregnancy panty check the material and stretchability. Investing in durable pregnancy panties will end the hassle of buying them repeatedly.

What is the right time to wear maternity panties?

Each woman is different, as is each pregnancy. While one sees a surge in their weight right from the beginning of pregnancy, the other might put on weight only in the last few months. Thus, there is no fixed duration to switch to maternity panties! You must pay attention to your body. When the discomfort starts to set in, know that it’s time to ditch your regular panties. Typically, it is best to make a transition to maternity panties with the start of your second trimester (Week 14) when you feel there is a need for more coverage.

Importance of maternity panties

Keeping the changes of a pregnant body in mind, maternity panties are designed to offer comfort and support. Let’s glance through other important aspects of maternity panties:


With piling up weight and a surge in hormones, moms-to-be need underwear that is dependable and comfortable enough to accommodate the growing baby bump. The pregnancy panties are made of high-quality cotton and soft materials, including finer elastic and waistbands. These provide maximum stretch and comfort and also reduce the pressure exerted on the pelvic muscles.


Zivame’s maternity panties available online in India offer the best support to your back, buttocks, and even tummy. They are designed with an extra panel that provides ample support without any compression or squeezing the tummy too hard.


With your belly growing day by day, you need panties that stretch and fit comfortably. The maternity panties, therefore, can be your perfect companion in your pregnancy journey. Their waistbands and soft elastics easily expand to accommodate the changes right from the first few months through the postpartum period. Rest assured, these maternity panties will not slip or roll down and will simply sit perfectly on that bump!

Better movement

Regardless of your trimester, women's maternity panties keep you comfortable and do not tighten at your thighs, and prevent your thighs from chaffing and rubbing. Tested for softness and breathability, these pregnancy panties let you move freely and comfortably.

Aesthetic appeal

Looking good can instantly boost your mood and make you feel good. The maternity panties are sure to leave you feeling gorgeous with their fine fabric, captivating colours and pretty prints. You can pick a pregnancy panty that helps you feel your best and pair them with skirts, dresses, and other maternity attire.

Explore Maternity Panties Online

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling and should be experienced in its full glory. Zivame has put together this collection of maternity bras and maternity panties to make sure that this experience is lived in the most comfortable way possible. Something as minor as clothing should not be an inconvenient hindrance in this magical journey and that is what has been taken care of from Zivame’s end.

FAQS on Maternity Panties

  1. What kind of panties should one wear during pregnancy?

    When buying pregnancy panties, you need to consider the first few months differently from the last trimester. Firstly, choose a maternity panty that’s breathable, soft, and comfortable, not anything too ‘grabby’ in the crotch. Since your bump and hips will grow during pregnancy, it is best to choose stretchy material to keep your hips and waist from feeling constrained. Plus, to prevent infection and irritation, which are common during this period, consider choosing cotton and anti-bacterial material. Avoid maternity briefs that tighten and compress the bump area or roll up oddly as it will cause you all kinds of discomfort and pain. High rise maternity panties or hipster panties that provide complete hip coverage and less pressure around the baby bump are ideal for the final trimesters of pregnancy. Find dozens of pregnancy panties online, from under-belly to over-the-bump designs, for keeping you comfortable during your pregnancy.

  2. When should one start wearing maternity panties?

    Everyone’s pregnancy is different, so it is entirely up to you when you want to start wearing a maternity panty. Some pregnant women tend to gain a lot of weight right from the first trimester of their pregnancy, while others start to put on pounds only in the second half of their pregnancy. Typically, most pregnant women switch to maternity briefs when they begin to feel uncomfortable in their regular panties. That said, your pre-pregnancy body type or shape, the growing size of the uterus, and your pregnancy weight gain are pretty good indicators of how soon you will need to switch to pregnancy panties (or not). Typically, it is a good idea to invest in a maternity panty as you are entering week 14 (second trimester) so that you are ready when you need it.

  3. Are maternity panties necessary?

    The goal of maternity panties is to offer optimum support and comfort to pregnant women. Keeping the pregnant body in mind, they are usually made using higher levels of cotton and soft elastic coverage to allow better comfort and stretch and reduce pressure on the pelvic muscles. Most women feel warmer than usual during pregnancy, so regular low-cut panties or thongs, which are often made using mixes of polyester and viscose, may cause discomfort and leave you feeling clammy. While you may still fit into your regular panties, technically, they might be too uncomfortable or snug for your baby bump and overall body. Therefore, your body needs something more comfortable and dependable to accommodate your growing baby bump. Moreover, having a few pairs of pregnancy panties on hand can come in handy during the postpartum recovery period.

  4. How many pairs of maternity underwear should one own?

    The best way to figure out the answer to this question is to track how many pairs of regular panties you go through in a week before you buy pregnancy panties. During pregnancy, don’t restrict yourself to just a few pairs of maternity panties. The reason is that you may feel uncomfortable due to vaginal discharge or sweat. Secondly, as your belly grows, you will need a different shape or size of maternity panty. Also, you will still be wearing maternity panties during the postpartum recovery period.

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